Monday, October 19, 2015

Random Stuff

Need a picture.

I loved out balconies in New Orleans.

So as far as the Uber goes, I took Big Daddy on a test drive and I had one rider today. I made $7.99. But, I also figured out I needed leather wipes and while I had the app online I drove to Notre Dame Pharmacy and got the leather wipes. And I had no more pings so I gave up as the game was on. What game you ask, why the Michigan v/s Michigan State game. The rivalry is back. Michigan has the brash and adored Jim Harbaugh and State has the beloved Dantonio. People are in heaven on this one.

Back to the Uber, I now have a new updated phone, Samsung S6 and I love it. Easiest phone so far to learn. $50.00 mail in rebate, which is a Visa gift card which you apply to your cell phone charges. I also have a new tablet supported by Verizon, the phone and the tablet attach to my dashboard so I can navigate and drive. I have an "auto plant necklace" as I call them or a blue tooth device you wear around your neck, the earpiece in one ear enables me to hear the directions on Google Maps on where to drive my riders. Still learning to coordinate this stuff but it is fun.

After mastering the contact lenses I feel empowered to do it all.

Observation: When you quit smoking seeing other people smoke, either in person or on the television really makes you crave a cigarette. Lately it makes me feel nauseous. That is definitely over for me. Just too nasty and smelly.  3 and 1/2 years now.

I finally have the house under control, not perfect, under control.

It was 34 degrees this morning, warning to you folks living east of Detroit. We got the last house plant re-potted and brought back in just in the nick of time.

Reading, but it is all slop. Nothing worth talking about.

Oh, I watched Scream Queens and it is hilarious. Will continue with that one. Watched American Horror Story Hotel and so far it is watchable. Still liking the Amazing Race and Survivor, but I am really appreciating this on Demand feature as I just cannot make the network schedules. I never thought that would be me, but I too am changing.

Maybe you can teach an old dog a few tricks.


  1. I started Fargo season 2 on FX, playing on Mondays. 10 episodes total. This Monday is the 2nd episode.

    1. Love watching when you want, and playing catch up.

  2. I was late to my high school reunion on Saturday thanks to my wife who is a Michigan State alumni... and I had an opening speaking part. We were already late and then she went just went crazy and since this was in NC, few understood... now had it been basketball...

    1. Yep, people are still talking about it.