Monday, October 12, 2015

Yes I am an Uber driver

This pic is just to show Punkin Head I am still normal. He Skypes with the baby and I have not been looking to0 hot on Sunday mornings. Don't want to scare the kids, mama is fine.

So, the Uber thing. I did all the stuff you need to do and it is quite a bit of stuff. Uber has all my personal information. I paid to have a 2015 vehicle inspected. I passed a criminal background check. I got rubber mats for my car. I bought cheap ass small bottles of water and packs of gum and snacks.

It was so hard to do that first ride. I was very nervous, not about the ride-about doing everything right. So of course, I did everything wrong. I hit the navigation button and the phone screen changed and everything was odd. I got to the address and this asshat calls me and says I texted you with a different pick up spot. I got him and he had a different name, but I just thought I was a wacko.

Well, it went okay. Then he wanted to stop for fast food. Which took forever and he was a talker. He worked at the place I picked him up, he was a new server, and he had no transportation. And he could not afford Uber he said. But he was paying almost $15.00 for fast food. Huh, who pays that much for fast food?

Finally, on our way he starts wingdinging me out on how he gave a burner phone and it does not match his name and talking about creepy stuff and I was ever so grateful to drop him off. And then the app started working and it was a different name. And I screwed up the app, my first ride and I screwed it up and got a wacko.

Today Uber called and asked why I was not driving. They are fixing it and I am taking Big Daddy for a drive to figure out the app. And I will not make the same mistakes again, should have never let that asshat in my car. Gotta be more careful and diligent. Also only driving daytime. We will see.


  1. I haven't yet used Uber and you'd have to be brave to be such a driver--good luck.

    1. I will put my code on the blog and if you use it you get a free or discount ride. From any Uber driver any location. You get a picture of the driver and can cancel if you are not comfortable.

  2. I checked but that service is not yet available in my town. I am thinking of starting a service called Uzi-er where I rent out hit men in a bidding process.

  3. You are the brains of the operations.

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