Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just Stuff

The crooked house.

There are very few new homes built in the Grosse Pointes. To build a house you pretty much have to tear one down. There is one new home on a vacant lot on Lakeshore drive overlooking the lake. I am positive the owners of the lot where the house is going up live on the back side, and that they sold or are selling and that is why this new mini mansion is going up. They would have never given up their view while they lived there.

However, our little crooked house shown above is a tear down. And I am not kidding, it is crooked as hell. And I would be surprised if you can get a full sized car down the drive way when they are done. More photos to follow.

Comcast is flying someone in from India tomorrow to fix our television problems. I cannot wait.

But, I will not be here. I am getting a massage from the guru of all things massage related as my lower back pain is now out of control. I can only hope I can drive myself home.

I also have almost no toe nails. I think my nail tech over buffed with the wrong implement. She thinks I am old and falling apart. I am now taking Biotin and massaging in the creams. She has always been whack but also very entertaining.

Oh, yes it seems I am now also approved to drive for Lyft. Another way to meet people. I can't wait.


  1. You have gone from a builder of automobiles to a driver of one. I predict your neXt profession will be Formula One pit car tire changer OR working at Jiffy Lube.

  2. Sorry, Midas stole my heart when they did the required inspection on my 2015 vehicle, yes Uber made me do it.