Saturday, October 17, 2015

The most expensive soap, can't afford this with the Uber gig.

Okay, so normally I look at the price before I buy something. Back in the day when I was still raking in the big bucks Big Daddy and I were at Farm's Fresh Market. We were just picking up a few things, this store is expensive. They have it all that any good Grosse Pointer could want, but we just usually get Friday dinner and a few things. At the check-out they had a basket of soap. When I picked it up to look at it one of the worker bees told me that stuff was flying out the door, what did I think of it. Well, gosh darn that cinched it, I had to try this fabulous soap.

I took it home and unwrapped it as that is how I was taught to treat soap, you must unwrap it and let it sit before you use it. (When Punkin Head went off to college my mother sent him a case of unwrapped Ivory soap.) So then I quit my job, had just put the fabulous flying out the door soap in the shower and off we went to Farm's Fresh Market. As we were checking out I grabbed the soap looked at the price and screamed. It was $12.99 U.S. dollars. Who in the hell was as stupid as me to be buying this soap. I kept asking BD, the cheapest man in the world why he had not told me the price of the soap. He didn't look either.

Now we are showering with this soap and it is the soap from hell. There is no lather, it does not feel silky, it does not smell like the wings of an angel. It is crap. Every day I am bitching about this soap. Then one day I go in and the soap has committed suicide in the shower. This soap is now nasty. There was at least 6 dollars worth of crappy soap left.



  1. Soap? I am thinking one of the four letters is wrong, that it isn't soap but something else. I would take it back and ask for half your money back.

  2. After scraping it out of the shower there was nothing left to take back.