Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It is autumn

Yes, it is autumnal.

Went for the massage, one and a half hours and it was glorious. I would get a foot massage everyday if I could. She showed me some easy stretches that should help my back. I cannot and would not do this every week, but until I am better I am going to fill in with 1/2 hour chair massages. I do like those, but they still wreck your makeup so there is no going anywhere after. So, a week from Friday I am in.

Comcast came and fixed the TV problem. Hmmm, all 3 sets were messed up and 2 of the 3 remotes were broken. The repair dude thought it might have been the zaps Comcast was sending to try and remote fix everything. Gotta love the special relationship we have. Also people with 3 TVs who don't watch much TV, why are we those people.

We made 2 recipes this week from Southern Living and one from the Internet. Southern Living Shepherds pie, looked great, took forever and was edible. For that kinda investment I expect a fab dinner. Southern Living Baked Ziti, it was okay, and the time was better. I would have rather had Rice a Roni with ground beef and cheese over it. Does not say much for me I guess as I would never eat Rice a Roni but remember the Spanish Rice from my childhood.

Third recipe was from the Internet and I messed it up. And it still was not too bad. Then I remembered read the reviews, this is how everyone changed the recipe. Yes, I know this is dumb. I am remaking with meticulous notes (just like Ina Garten) and if it is great I will post my changes. Oh, yea it is an appetizer with pepper jelly. And super simple.

Tracking Punkin Head home on Flightaware and planning our Christmas visit. Will let you know how this is working out.