Sunday, October 11, 2015

Retirement, or who cleaned this house?

I collect Kenneth J. Lane in all his forms, and these are older bracelets he did, the frogs and the turtles. Love them. This is the anniversary present I bought for myself from eBay, just handed it to Big Daddy and told him to put it away for the main event. This was months before the date and he was frantically searching for it when I reminded him I had given it to him for safe keeping.

After sleeping for a few days, I was looking to start my retirement and viewing a dirty house at the same time. I let the cleaning service go and now I am wondering why I paid them and what the hell they actually did. And these people were not cheap.

Yesterday BD told me one of his work mates had a leak underneath his brand new vehicle and he was pissed. I inquired where this leak might be, and could he tell me the color of the fluid. Oh yea, another one of my hellish problems. Reminded why I retired. One less bell to answer, one less egg to fry . . . just thankful I don't need to answer this one.

Today we had a dog vs cat rumble, these are quite frequent and totally non violent. I think they are falling in love.

I just got a smarter phone and accessories. Big Daddy is so excited he has new toys to play with. I also got a blue tooth necklace. This is for my new jobs (yes, that is plural), more to come on that later. I really did not want one, but Verizon convinced me they were so much better than the ear piece. I always called them the auto plant necklace as every factory rat wore one and they were supposedly illegal as hell to wear in the plant. "The company" said they interfered with the systems. My ass, they interfered with the attention span of the worker. Not good for quality.

I am quite taken with the second season of How To Commit A Murder with Viola Davis, I am really loving this show and BD just does not like it. Watched Quantico, too crazy ass for me. And I have to watch American Horror Story to see if I can stomach this one, the clown shit was too much.

Well, I did my first Uber Driver session and it was a disaster, tell you about that next time.

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