Monday, October 26, 2015

Comcast is worse than ever.

During the neighborhood walk.

Well, I have had the day from hell and so has Big Daddy.

Once again we are at war with Comcast. Our TV remote would not turn the TV on without numerous attempts and multiple pressing of various buttons;in no particular order. It finally got so bad that BD called Comcast, hereafter known as the asshats, and they of course told him to bring various items into the location and everything would be great. We cannot of course get the new box to work. BD is on the phone constantly with the asshats this afternoon and they keep telling him he is not a Comcast service guy and is doing a piss poor job of hooking up his cable. Comcast no longer has cable guys that come to your house. The trip from India is too far.

On the other hand, looks funny to see it spelled out right?, all I had to do was drive around a few folks. The first ride was not bad, just had a huge dog jump on my car and slobber all over it. The daughter I drove was great, the mother with the dog was an asshole.

Second ride was a lesson learner. Turn off the app by 2 PM when people want rides to pick up their kids.

So I am nearing this address and I start to notice that most of the windows are boarded up or broken out and we do not even want to discuss the landscaping. When I find the street I am literally looking for a street address and one with windows. I am taking this mother and child from the edge of hell right down into the bowels so we can pick up her niece. She does not know the address and of course this is not a real school. It is a school in the hood run by a church.

She gets the kid, gets me on the right course back because of course the google maps is out and she asks me a question. Do I believe in God.

Now I did not want to say to this woman, "Have you lost your ever lovin mind who do you think I have been discussing this trip to hell with while you are acting like this is all normal?" So then I get the Jesus lecture and now Jesus and I are all ok but even I know he would not approve of any of this situation. Then she tells her kid some shit that does not sound right and she is talking about the hitting stick and she has a stick and starts hitting the kids hand.

I get rid of them, escape the hood, my app shows I am offline, which I attribute to Jesus, I find my way home and the back ass of my car is filthy. These little ragamuffins were eating fucking crackers back there.

And BD is still stalking to Comcast.


  1. Interesting thoughts, warm greetings to you.

  2. I have finally caught up. No internet at all on the boat trip. I have only used Uber Lux which is more expensive and both rides were good - I can just imagine what some of your customers are like - Shriek. Good luck. I hope it is better than the car industry even though you will not make as much money.

    1. This is not for the money, this is a social experiment to get me out of the house.