Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I am falling apart.

Big Daddy's Anniversary present, a stove top smoker.

It is a good thing I retired.

Last night I was in pain all night and not sure if it is back pain or kidney pain, My IBS is not doing well at all. Now my left knee hurts. WTF.

I was having a few problems at the end of my working life, which is really why I chose this path, but I just pushed through it. Now I am noticing and it is not fun.

Just one Uber ride today as I could not get out early enough. IBS. Which is also what ended the days riders.

I am enthralled with all this new technology though, when I went to the Sec of State for my new Driver's license I gave them my cell number on the check in computer, it was an estimated 2 hour wait time, so I left. They texted me when I had about 30 minutes to wait and I returned. Then they posted your approx. wait time and texted you with the information in case you weren't back yet. You could also delay your return by 30 minutes by text.

Who knew?


Back is quite a bit today, I had to take an Aleve. This is not making me happy. But the house is clean.

Also I barely passed my eye test at the Sec of State, she actually helped me out. Eyes are sometimes better then worse. Don't know if that is normal or not. Hmm.

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