Sunday, October 9, 2011

It starts again

This is me a few years ago trying to decide just what I had gotten myself into.

Big Daddy got home to China just fine. Had to fight his way off the elevator as the majority of riders got on the down elevator when they wanted to go up, and did not want to let BD off. He did something with some one's computer bag and there was some climbing, but it all turned out just fine.

We still have an apartment and maybe a plant. The ayi's went crazy with decorating, you know how to style the ashtrays.

Funny of the day: Big Daddy had a taxi driver in ESL classes and the entire ride to the apartment he repeated the following: Good Morning, How are you doing, Good, Thank You, Knee How, (hee hee hee), Thank you.  I asked BD how often did he repeat this, it was constant with the only respite occurring when he lighted a smoke. Heeheehee.

New scandal is the roads are now falling apart days after opening to traffic. Whew. Good that the smell is off the subway scandel and the trains falling off the tracks.

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