Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weakly Wrap-up

Hello, I am weakly and I am wrapped up in anything I can find. It is BRR cold here in Michigan. You go from high 80's to low 40's in a week and yep, you think it is damn cold. Thank goodness we got one of the furnaces working and have the fireplaces. Sunday we go to Florida so I can't bitch too much.

The sign in the neighbors yard has a funky type cartoon animal with a stage name and it says welcome to the elementary school. Trying to get my arms around this one. In the 20 years I have lived here I have never seen such a thing. Did my tax dollars pay for this? If it is an advertising scheme to go to public school, why only print it on one side. Perhaps this is the last child left in this area going to elementary school. Everyone moved out that could. But then would not home schooling be cheaper for us. Or maybe use the senior citizens center? I might need to call the school on this one.

Being home is fun, an employee of the county received 200 grand for resigning and taking another position in the county, she is now running the airport. People are kinda upset. Her old boss said, WTF the last guy got a better deal to resign. If we move back I need to look into getting a job with the government.

Speaking of government work, I was saddened to hear about the crash of Line 10 subway service in Shanghai. Last I heard 500 injured. China Daily said it was near Yu An Gardens, a huge tourist site. Once again it looks like they shut down the safety's rather than fix the damn systems.

Thanks to Big Daddy for improvising on the grilled shrimp, too windy for outdoor cooking. They were fabulous. And thanks to Punkin Head for the Vouvray. And thanks to The Lady for the flowers and the Champagne vinegar. You guys are the best.

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