Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Oktoberfest for us

The price of this faux German extravagranza is a whopping 45 USD per person for who the fuck knows what type of phony German type shit. Our sponser is chest high in alligators and assholes and cannot fund this trip into the fantasy world and so I am voting no.

I do not like taking advantage of the supplier and Big Daddy never has abused his peeps. BD will go out with them if the situation is not much money and BD gets the supplier out of the dormitory and a decent meal.

I don't drink beer and BD does not drink. The tables are so damn skinny I cannot see a Stein of beer and a plate fitting in front of you. The staff is wearing black and white outfits that somewhat resemble lederhosen from a George Lucas film in the 80's.

Nuh, nope, nada, this is not happening.

Now how to explain to the Chinese that the German festival is too expensive to the Americans. Have to think this one over a bit.


  1. I told my wife that I noticed blog writers use a variety of nick names for their spouse. I told her that her's was usually "The Wifey". I am not much of a beer fan. I am trying a variety of whiskeys at the moment, but really prefer my long time favorite Benedictine.

  2. We must keep our identity secret until we no longer require employment opportunities.