Monday, October 3, 2011

The oldest city in America

View from lunch at OC Whites

I am sick, head cold. Something happened to my left ear on final descent into Jacksonville, so when I blow my nose my ear crackles and gurgles and whistles.

Big Daddy bought me a tube of Nose Better because my nose is raw. It feels like pouring alcohol on raw flesh when I put it on. The burning and running around in a circles fades in about 15 minutes.

Big Daddy's glasses fell apart in the only way that duct tape will not work. He is walking around with out- of-date prescription sunglasses. He looks like a middle aged drug dealer.

So the blind, deaf, and dumb are vacationing in sunny Florida.


  1. I loved St. Augustine. I was only there once, but it was beautiful.

    Unfortunately, I spent the night on the cold bathroom floor with the door closed because Xman snored me out of the room.

  2. It just has to be better than anywhere in China