Monday, October 24, 2011

Short Update

Big Daddy's boss was told not to return to work for 7 days, he is in a soft cast and any jostle could cause the probably sewn up right tendons to be broken again. Gotta wonder if he will go for the time off or chance no use of his hand in the future. He is an odd duck, so who knows.

Going back to Ning Hai tomorrow to finish the job with the Frenchy. 2 co-horts are also going and BD has informed everyone he is not their teacher, coach, manager, mentor, trainer or ass wiper. This should be fun.

BD had a huge interview last night and has noted that now that he has the global creds everyone asks the same questions. How do you find it working with the French/Germans? And they both think the other is the hard to deal with personality.

I remember when I worked with them they had one thing in common: denial. Once the Germans had the worst quality record in the world and no one could understand as they only had 1 problem. When I investigated they had responded, in writing for 18 months, that they had no problem. The French just answered once, verbally, that they had no seen no problems and ignored the situation. They did not seem to admire each other, but they both really disliked us, the ugly Americans. Especially when we fixed the problems, go figure.

Off to pack and attempt pretty, or at least semi-superstar status, I have a rep to maintain.

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