Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Winding up the visit

My view

Everyday for over 10 years this was part of my view back and forth to work. If you saw the movie Gran Torino the shot at the end with the drive past Lake St. Clair, that was my drive. I told myself every day, you better enjoy this because it is not forever. How right I was. That is a mom and her kids probably watching for freighters.

As you can see Punkin Head's camera works fine.

Went to the Dentist for cleaning and final check and I am good to go.

I sent in the paperwork to renew my Driver's License, I am blessed, renew by mail. Gotta love it. And it came while I was home.

I am pissed though, I have received 2 checks from medical facilities I have not used in some time. These are the people that hounded and threathened us when we both were unemployed about paying our bills in a timely manner and now they are mailing me checks with no explanation. I call rat fuckers on them.

Starting to pack tonight and plan the last round of chores for tomorrow.

Dropped off my prescriptions for Zpak and amocicillian? so I have emergency meds.

Off to do laundry.

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