Thursday, October 6, 2011

There is no picture

That is because the camera is broken. This is the camera that was my Mother's Day present many moons ago. The one that I did not want, need, or ask for. Big Daddy loved it. He played with it for hours and days and weeks. The one time I actually needed a camera at work he pouted when I asked where I could find it.

BD had new glasses made on Monday and it only took 3 hours for progressive lens. And he bargained 100 bucks off the magic flexible frames. We ate at some great restaurants, saw the ocean, and walked for miles. We also did the tacky ghost tour and I must say the ghosts seemed to be on vacation.

Gotta give a rave to Hertz, the navigation system in the car was great. And returning to the airport you just program it to go home, hit the airport and no problems. Loved it. Delta upgraded us on both flights and life was good.

Gotta get ready for lunch. Later.