Monday, October 10, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

I have a brand new tooth. No more metal, no more space, and it is a regular size tooth. Which to me is quite amazing as I never had a regular size tooth in that spot. I was born without permanent teeth in two spots right across from each other. I still have a baby tooth on the left, but this right one abscessed and was pulled when I was about 19. After finding a decent dentist and getting everything repaired with new crowns, he suggested we fill the hole/space with a tooth.

So we put the tooth in this morning. It was not pleasant. Dr. Dentist told me no one else has ever had pain. Then when he showed me the tooth implanted he explained the blood was from the 4 slits in my gums so they could regrow around the implant. WTF. Ever bite your tongue or burn the roof of your mouth with pizza? It hurts a bit. Slicing my gums is bound to cause some pain and I am the only person ever to notice this?

Punkin Head found his old camera and charger so I am back in business as soon as I figure out how to use it. Went shopping and to lunch with The Lady and spent way to much money to look good in China. I found it shocking that everyone including Aldo is copying Toms shoes. Those shoes are quirky and support charity for kids with no shoes and people are buying the copies? They should be shot and sent to Africa with no shoes. Asshats.

Can't watch Chaz and Cher on Dancing With The Stars as Detroit is taking over the channel to broadcast the Lions on Monday Night Football. Feel kinda funny about this. Yes, they are undefeated, but it is early in the season and I am a long time Lions fan. Whenever the Lions get cocky they get their ass handed back to them. This could be embarrassing. I prefer the low key way Michigan just did the job and are also undefeated and back in the polls. Michigan v/s Michigan State would be the game to watch. I will be back in China.

Go Lions.

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  1. I will never understand your teeth but I am might glad that they are being sorted out.