Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shocking news

This may shock some of my readers, okay one of you 2, but I do not like change, adventure, or groups of people.

Well the French ass-hat casually informed Big Daddy that he is no longer working weekends as the company from hell will no longer pay him for overtime. We, thanks to this arrogant cretin, are stuck in Ning Hai as there is no way out at the last minute.

I decided that instead of pouting I would plan a little trip. I was sober and drug free when I did this. Saturday afternoon we are being driven by someone, perhaps the hotel driver or his cousin, that does not speak any English, to Qiantong Ancient Town. It is very old and good to take pictures, per the hotel manager. It will cost 500 kwai for the ride. When we arrive we will buy tickets and go on a walking tour. We have to pay for the drivers ticket, 3 tickets for 40 kwai each. The driver will show us the good stuff.

The manager also told me that everyone is the hotel really likes me and I am very popular.  Now this scares the piss out of me. I have never been popular with the mainstream.

We have started a new trend, when we finish books here we leave them with the staff. I told Daisy I had another book for her this morning and she mis-understood, she thought I wanted the old books back. Well, as it turns out the entire staff reads the books, passing them about and enjoying being able to read in English. The guys are reading chick lit. Most of the better books find a home in Shanghai. Well, that is gonna change, the guy who picked us up also reads so more books and the DVD's we have watched are now going to Ning Hai. Once in a great while you do get to see how you may have touched another person's life.

Off to Amazon for more books, biggest extravagance here.


  1. You are becoming the Andrew Car-negie of China!!! (He established a bunch of libraries in the USofA and elsewhere a hundred years ago)

  2. My son, Punkin Head, is halfway through his Library Science degree. Must run in the family. Although he does not partake of the chick lit.

  3. I would love to see pictures of Qiantong if you take any! I live in Oklahoma, allow me to live vicariously through you.

  4. You got it Mary. Although I must confess, Big Daddy took a weeks worth of pictures in New Orleans with a dead battery.