Thursday, September 26, 2013

And yes it almost happened

I went to the line around 2 to check everything out and prepare to leave. There was a pilot coming down the line so I watched the one side and then waited to watch the other side. I heard someone calling my name and sure enough there was my plant Quality Dude telling me about a little problem. As I was checking into the little problem one of the operator showed me a pile of my parts on the floor that he had rejected. I barely got out of there in a timely fashion.

Of course when I turned the corner to enter the freeway I noticed the law had it blocked off. Now keeping in mind I am in the hood, this is rather disconcerting. Just which way to go and quite possibly avoid a shooting or car-jacking. I made it back to the plant and tried for a different plan of escape. The usual 15 minute ride turned into an hour to get home. I just told myself, there is a reason for everything-go with it.

My lobster dinner was delicious, my Pouilly Fuisse just lovely and I went to bed at 7PM.

After watching The Blacklist. I love James Spader's work so I was looking forward to this. It is a little violent but there were some surprises so I am hoping this works into a good show.


  1. You deserved that lobster and early bed time for more than one reason.

  2. I feel a sudden urge for crawfish & shrimp étouffée. Happy Birthday!