Saturday, September 7, 2013

You ain't heard nothin' til you heard the Slavs sing

Rememer the Art Deco style gas station they were turning into an eatery that I posted a photo of last October? No? Well, anyways this is the restaurant open for business. They saved the Standard Oil lettering on the front of the building.  It has been open for a few months, we are just slow. The Red Crown in Grosse Pointe Park. We have yet to eat there, schedules just don't work out. I hear it is open for lunch now, so maybe some Saturday.

Well, I still ain't heard nothin' because I went to bed too early. Big Daddy however reports the Slavs are all back safe and sound. He knows this because they had a concert on their deck last night. Well after the moment- he remembers he could have recorded this on his hi-tech fancy phone. It would have been great.

I was on call this Saturday as the plant ran, that is an automotive term, the plant ran-the plant is running-the plant is down, but thank all of the holiest I did not get called in. However I found an email this morning from a man I did not know, saying I had a problem with a part I do not supply, and he left no phone number. How odd. Monday we start building pilots again and it is sure to be fraught with emotion and tension, hooboy I can hardly wait.

My hair is just not right after this latest haircut. I am starting to wonder if she is just tired of me and my hair.

The kids are loving Portland. All is well.


  1. Experimenting with hair dressers is good for your soul. Better than thinking of new ways for old hairdressers to cut it. It's their job to have new ideas, even if you need new hair cutters to see what they are. Don't look back. When you get a good cut, call it the Portland cut. All is well.

    1. Yea, I hear you-except she does my color and everyone knows I am a blond whore. Cut or Color? This could be tricky.

    2. Or different hair people? One for color, one for cut.