Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day

Watering the ferns.

Punkin Head called and they are just getting in the U-Haul and leaving. That gets them into Des Moines around 9 PM if all goes to plan. This is gonna be a trip, if ya know what I mean.

I have been thinking all day-as our hot water electric pot died-we need appliances. I bought the hot water pot last September I believe and it just petered out. Since I paid around 40 bucks I think it should have lasted a bit longer. We looked all over the Internet and Big Daddy set out to get a new one at Costco. They are closed today. I say hurray for the workers and it sucks to be me. He got a replacement at Target and I decided that for our anniversary we need a "European" coffee maker again.

Years ago when I returned from Austria the one thing I craved was the coffee, and I deduced it was the coffee maker that made the huge difference. They have these pressure machines and a simple cup of coffee is simply divine. Yes, you have to make each cup by hand, but it is worth it. Delightful coffee. Our last was a Saeco and we worked it until it died.

So for our 37th anniversary this September 25 Big Daddy will be picking out a new coffee maker.

And that is good because I have a very jewelry idea for my birthday this year. And everyone knows I love jewelry. I think it is time my mother returned my jewelry as she really does not like jewelry anymore.


  1. yep, no sense in it collecting dust. Or tarnish. How are you going to break it to her?

  2. We simply could not survive without espresso coffee made on our Jura.