Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Snippets

The Saeco coffee machine is making the most addictive coffee ever. Big Daddy is out of this world with his coffee and I must say I am also quite pleased. I had forgotten how good this coffee tasted.

Punkin Head is all settled in and is in love with Portland. The apartment is fine, the neighborhood is nice and walkable, and he is very happy in his new job and his office. He said he thinks this is the start of the winter rainy season. And he can take the bus to work so that makes him very happy.

It cooled down here, last week it was too muggy and hot and this weekend in the 60's. It will warm back up next week and I need to take advantage of the warm weather to do some outside chores.

I wanted pumpkin bread but somehow we have no loaf pan to bake bread. I was going to order one but I could not push the button. I must have put myself on the no spending diet. I have spent quite a bit lately, so next month I will get the pan. Actually it was quite a large order from William-Sonoma, so it was a bit pricey.

BD made Sammy the Spanky dog's reservation at the Heartbreak Hotel and he gets 2 baths. We picked him up early last time and they owe him a bath. So he will get one when he arrives and one when he leaves. The thing is, Sammy Dog loves a good bath, he will be in doggie heaven. We have our reservations at the Casa Monica, a very beautiful hotel in the heart of St. Augustine. It is a non-smoking hotel so we could not stay there until we were non-smokers.

My order from Amazon has not come in yet, so today I am sending BD to find a Barnes and Noble coupon and I think I will have him get the book Empty Mansions. Looks like a good story. Also The Butler by Wil Haygood.

Next week we will be building pilots vehicles again. The only difference is as for as I know all the parts are good this time. It is sure to be a lively week and I am hopeful the last week of overtime. Will try to post next week.


  1. I hope you have those engineers whipped into shape. I know they could slip a feeler gauge into their pocket of pencils.

  2. Tell me what your coffee is - I am still having trouble finding one we really like.

    1. We get the French Dark Roast beans at Trader Joe's for everyday. I use 2 scoops and tamp it down in between for one normal cup. For special I like the Hawaiian Kona. For espresso BD gets the green bag of fair trade beans at Trader Joe's. I find the Starbucks coffee too bitter.