Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exhaustion and Short Tempers

Well, this launch is going down the crapper, just like all launches do. People run around grabbing their hair and screaming and making dire pronouncements. People walk around like Zombies and look and sound like they need intense medical care and rehab. It happens every time.

I cannot give you the particulars, but suffice it to say, people create their own problems. I have an engineer continuously asking why this happened. It happened because no on was educated, smart enough, cared enough or took an interest in the final outcome and therefore we now have shit. So shut up about this and what happened last week and why everyone else is stupid and move on and help me fix this. And if it happens again you have my permission to go and flog them and put their pictures on You Tube. Just shut up when we are working.

Engineers that come to work without a scale. Or any other tools. This is getting on my last nerve. I am not Tool Stores. They also do not have plastic feeler gages. Again, I am not the mother, the Tool Stores, or the person that cares that you do not have your shit together.

So tomorrow I go back and it is gonna be craaazy, and I am still laughing. You wanna know why? Because I chose to look at the reality of the situation and just do my job. And people are strange.

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