Thursday, September 12, 2013

Funny of the week

I wear this small cross body handbag at work. It is from Coach and pearly pearl in color. I bought it for China and it did not hold up well. As I am still just a tad too chubby for the fanny pak I wear the cross body to work. Under the orange safety vest. Yes, Anna Wintour will never put me on the cover of Vogue. If I remember I will take one of those ever so popular selfies of the work outfit.

Anyhoo, In between the pockets on the vest and the handbag I carry enough tools to take apart a car. Or put one back together.

My handy dandy engineers were sitting in the cafeteria, aka my office, today acting the big shits-while I was sitting behind them at a different table-when the Program Manager turns to me and asks if I have a scale.

Here is my question: how can 4 handy dandy engineers not have a scale between them? And just what do those asshats think I carry around in that handbag?

Can't wait till they find out I have my own brand new bottle of Loctite 495, and that I am done loaning out my tools.

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