Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Way Westward seems to be not real fun

Big Daddy's smoker, electric, about 10 years old. Pulled pork was delightful on the holiday weekend.

Nebraska it seems is full of corn with the occasional soybean. The kids are having a trip to remember. Thank God it is only 2 more long and tedious days. Tomorrow Salt Lake City and then Portland.

I had my teeth cleaned today and was so proud to do it without Valium. Still had the gas though. I bought some stuff called Phillips Zoom. It is teeth whitener, more than Crest White Strips and less than a professional whitening session. It is a paint pen, you paint it on and brush it off 30 minutes later. It is also okay for sensitive teeth. We will see. Should have had this for the wedding.

I am starting wonder about the changes in the neighborhood. The Mormons are all moved back in and they have no curtains. How in the hell do you get homeowners insurance that covers everything in a fire except your curtains. And why would you want the neighbors staring in at you? And the Slavs have disappeared, they are gone. It is so weird. The ex-pats that came home from Sweden are now off to Shanghai. They sold their home to an older couple so it will be interesting to see the new neighbors. Remember the Flower Lady everyone hid from? She took a bad fall and is in a nursing home, she signed her home over the local hospital system, so how long will they keep it? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. At least they aren't going via the Great Salt Desert. Corn flats beat salt flats any day. But, soon they will be past the land of milk and honey and on the home stretch.