Monday, February 23, 2015

Let me know when everyone gets tired of the cat posts

This cat is hilarious. She rolls over and spreads open for a belly rub. Like she is a dog. And she was doing something I think is playing, gently biting my hand and grabbing me with her paws. Only her back paws have claws-but she never clawed me. Like it was a game. She wanted everything rubbed, her head, her ears and her backside at the base of the tail.

I think it is a bad thing when 10 degrees does not feel horribly cold.

I am not having luck styling my new hair do. But it is only one day. When I went in Saturday to get color the gal said she did not remember cutting my hair like that. And I had to say right, you did not do this. And I swear she did a crappy styling job like she had no ownership. Why are people so bitchy. It is hair. And I still let her color it and I think she overcharged me. This could get interesting of my original gal does not come back.

I am agonizing over what to buy my baby as it will be first ever. I know this is silly. I found a gorgeous little white cotton dress and bloomers that look fine for high summer. And a warm outfit for winter.

Just gotta get through this last week of February and start planning for our trip to Savannah the end of March. I am excited, that will be the end of the year with no travel.

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