Saturday, February 21, 2015

And the Kitty Cat says, WTF

Meet Zoey, she is our new cat. She was very unhappy at the meet and greet as it was at the offices and there were many barking dogs. It just made her very uncomfortable. But when she wanted back in her carrier-we put ours there in the spot and she walked right in and settled down. Easy Peasy.

She is home and finding the farthest corner under the bed in the guest room her fave spot. She does not need anything, food or water, just an enormous amount of space from the rest of us. Sammy the Spanky Dog does not seem to know she exists. Big Daddy was cleaning out the freezer and had a bag of stuff to throw away, we are trying to get the kitty cat to work with us and Sammy goes flying by with frozen chicken in his mouth.

I am slightly sick, think it is something less than a cold more flu like--sore throat and coughing--and I was so grateful to get home and not have to work OT on Friday and boom, here is the email and photos from Hell. What the hell is wrong with these assholes, do they really have to fuck up every Friday afternoon? And what is wrong with my plant that they just cannot fix this shit. And Conference Calls with Mexico are trials from Hell.

I bit the bullet last week and went to a totally new hairdresser for a cut. I know, it is time to move on and just get over it. She did a great job. New look and it is fine. Went back to the temp today for color and she was not real happy about the cut from her old buddy. Left there with a less than enthusiastic blow dry. You know, I can do my own hair and I am not upset-but really get over it, I did.

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