Thursday, February 5, 2015

The week from hell, well 3 days of it

I am beaten down and used and abused.

Monday the snow was horrible, I thought I had a photo, and Big Daddy got stuck at the end of the driveway. Two guys came to help when it was obvious he was gonna hit the Mercedes parked in the street.

I went to work as I knew no one else would and we had an issue. Meeting cancelled, I worked an hour and a half and I was not fired. No one from my company said thanks for risking your life for the sucky parts.

Tuesday the boss sent the replacement in (for him) he is known in the plant as Goofey Guy. I am deliberately missspelling that so it cannot be traced. That is what they all call him. Well GG went to the meeting and the plant told me they never wanted to see GG again.

Chaos continues.

Wednesday the boss shows up and he and GG get the Come To Jesus and should be set and on board with "this is how shit happens". That is a failure, boss refuses to comprehend and GG is too scared to tell him. GG will also not tell their boss. Shit will ensue.

Still not fired.

Thursday boss refuses to show up but also will not tell the plant people. Yes, we had a bad issue blow up. Now I am pissed as I do not have the resources to fix this, but I must be Nancy Nice or get fired, replacement guy wasted 2  hours trying to measure parts his way---as he is an expert---and when they never measured right he stomped off. Oh, did I forget to tell you about when he threw the parts on the floor in the assembly area and stomped his feet. I am not joking here, he stomped his feet to get his way.  2 guys asked me if they should throw him out and I almost thought that was a good idea.

One of these days I am gonna say yes.

I am now asking myself why it is wrong to take Valium on a daily basis.

End of the day, boss is taking his new nasty tone whenever he feels why he has to explain why he does not need to be there---except he will never explain this to the plant.

He is a chicken shit, I have one more day of GG and I am wondering why I have not been fired yet.

By the way, I "work" for a Worldwide Global Company that is well known on Wall Street, this is not some chump company.

Maybe I will get fired tomorrow except the boss is pissed he has to work for the off shift person on Valentines weekend. So maybe he does not want to fire me if he thinks he can guilt me into working then. Wrong asshat, Not gonna do it.

And just so you know the bones of this soap opera, my boss is well compensated with a company car, charge card, and full bennies. And my pay is not cheap.


  1. WoW - stomping & measuring wrongly. I always hope for continual improvement. I had a strange dream I was back at work and some one new was hired and they were moving in their office things and there were large MesoAmerican statues. Of course I know nothing about MesoAmerican sculptures. I remember yeLLing a lot towards the end.

  2. That yelling was prolly your inner smart mouth telling the newbie the statues were phoney and to take them back to the garage sale.

    Never saw a grown man stomp before.