Monday, February 16, 2015

We are Frozen including maybe our pipes

This was the view out my car window Saturday, looking out on Lake St. Clair.

It is a bit frozen here, not huge snow like the east coast but cold, cold, cold.

Just got a call from Roto Rooter that instead of tomorrow they can come tonight in 45 minutes, hooray. The laundry sink in the basement will not drain. Sucks to be me today.

I have to go in tomorrow and report on a problem to the "meeting". This is a stand up meeting where about 40 to 50 peple are there and stare at you while you mumble and bumble if you are me. I am not a public speaker and hate it. I don't know what happened, in school I did quite a it of public speaking and won badges and then suddenly in this business I became gun shy. I think it is because they are always looking for a target and like to make people feel small. Asshats.

I am looking all over the world for the best baby girl dresses as yes, we are having a baby girl and I am calling her Clara. Because her parents would never name her Clara. Not that there is anything wrong with Clara.

Oh, yes I have a guy here from Mexico and he is freezing but doing fine. Big Daddy had a guy here from Mexico and thought he was having a stroke. He fell onto to the ground and started thrashing. He was making a snow angel. He said it saw it in the stupid movies his wife made him watch. He said it sucked and was stupid. Just a Mexican opinion on snow angels.


  1. Well you should do a public speaking course - or it would be easier if you retire. Clara is a great name. They are probably not celebrities so the child may have a normal name and a good start in life - instead of being called something like Gasket.

    1. I don't know, Punkin Head is looking for old european names from our heritage and is suddenly fond of Elsinore. Spare me.