Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The weather is killing my job

There are only so many ways to get parts to the plants and they mostly involve I-75 if you work in the Detroit area. And if that highway and most of Kentucky is frozen, well you are fucked.

And we are well and truly fucked with a certain component that you just gotta have to build vehicles. It is amazing what you can do without and do what we call retro-fit later, but some shit you just gotta have. So for the last week people have been sent home early and sat around alot all day doing nothing and it is getting old. It is really boring when you have nothing to do.

The dog and cat are getting ready to make love or war. It remains to be seen how this works out. I am letting them take the lead. He has no teeth and she has no claws. I feel it is a fair fight. He had to get up in the middle of the night to pee, he takes medication that makes him pee at night sometimes. When he came in he wanted in Big Daddy's bed. That is where Zoey sleeps. He took over the bed and she roamed all night discovering the beauty of nocturnal delights. Her glow ball rolling in the dark was a  favorite.

I am sick as a sick person can be and have not missed a day. It is not hard when the plant is mostly down and I am loving everyone's response when they hear me answer the phone. It has been really quiet and nice lately and I am hoping we are over the hump and life is going to be normal for a while. That said, that was the worst launch ever. EVER. And I feel most of it was the crap company I work for.


  1. Zoey is gorgeous and looks a lot like Monika. I hope she is a gentle and loving cats like ours. We are still heading towards buying a dog - can't wait. One day I would to sit down and talk to you about the car industry.

  2. Thank you for the cat compliment. A nice bottle of wine and car talk would be fun. BD can join in add his humor, he has as much or more.