Saturday, February 28, 2015

Belly Rubs

Time for a belly rub.

Well, when I left work early Thursday I am not sure I knew my name. I could barely talk and coughing was a horror story. Told everyone including the boss I am out for the count. And all day Friday people kept calling me and I just said no. No, dammit, figure it out yourself. And my boss fucked shit up again --according to his emails--and I don't care. Today I sound like a human. I was so sick I cancelled my pedicure today. Now that is a sick woman.

Friday the only thing I did was make a donation to the Salvation Army telethon. The poor woman trying to take my information was so patient. But I had to do it. They have food trucks that go out and feed the community every day. These trucks feed families in need and if I can afford to shop I can afford to support the food trucks.

Today I sent Big Daddy to the charity event at Pewabic Pottery. This is an historic pottery maker from Detroit with a storied history. Today you could buy bowls for charity and get a free bowl of soup in your bowl. BD could not get the soup as he forgot to bring his 'China" shopping bag but he got 2 artist bowls and 2 children's bowl. The children's bowl are for art classes and look just like something your child brought. home. They are glazed and now they are kibble bowls. Pictures tomorrow.

As I am trying to get Zoey the cat into a comfort zone and out of Drama Queen mode, I decided to feed the squirrels and any stray birds that happen by. The family room is really 4 huge 8 foot doorwalls with some bricks holding it all together. We have so many squirrels and no good place that we can find to put up a bird feeder that we do not feed the birds. But if the squirrels entertain the cat, we will feed whoever stops by. I wonder if the o'Possum is still around.


  1. I made spaghetti and gave away one serving. I am making lasagne neXt and doing the same thing to a different person. I make and give away about 3-4 German Chocolate Cakes a year, usuaLLy for birthdays. I don't remember what kind of non-GCC that I made for Mindy's birthday. While looking for my wife's iPad I discovered that my wife had 'loaned' my old iPad to Mindy. Of course the iPad finder app doesn't work if my wife forgets to keep her iPad & iPhone charged.

    1. I have way too many charging things now, it is crazy. Have not had a good GCC in years. They are yummy.