Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sweden. That is my newest readership. Frankly, I do not trust the audience thing on the blog and only check for my own amusement. But why not discuss why I might appeal to some folks. Sweden used to make the Saabs, hell maybe they still do, and I used to drive them. Don't know what happened to them after GM cut the tow rope.

Just in case anyone has a problem with occasional bags under their eyes, or yea-baggy eyes- I have a solution that works for me. It is called Puff Off. It is available at Sephora and comes in a tube with a little iron attachment. Think Monopoly. You squeeze the tube and the stuff goes on your under eye and you iron it flat. I swear to all that this shit works. I thought I was scammed by this stuff and today I looked in the mirror and thought WTF, you look like you slept 2 minutes. Put this stuff on and I swear in a few minutes I looked normal. Good Stuff.

I found a new great read, Maeve's Times, In Her Own Words by Maeve Binchy. It seems early on she wrote for the Irish times and this is a collection of her writings. I love it and prolly the last thing left written by her I have not read. I am really enjoying this one.

Friday is becoming my new favorite day, this is the day I go out and get a sandwich from a special and wonderful place. This sandwich is beyond all expectations. I cannot tell you where but be happy for me. I may make this a twice weekly treat. Except tomorrow it is supposed to be 15 below zero and I don't know if that is gonna work for me.

Work is so fucked up it is insane. And now they want me to take this paperwork in and get it signed off and sent back so they can be "really good suppliers". I am like, really, I am the last person that should be doing this and I for one do not care if you make the cut or not.

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