Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kitty Day 2

The bed with the hood is a winner.

She slept with Big Daddy last night and snuggled and purred at some point. They are now buddies.

When I went in this morning she wanted out of the room. I was surprised since she was wedded to under the bed yesterday but we let her out. She surveyed her domain in a quiet and stealthy manner.

The hilarious part is until about 10 AM, 24 hours after her arrival, Sammy the Spanky Dog had no idea there was another animal in the house. Punkin Head said Sammy Dog is simple minded. Probably right on that.

There is now a strange detente. Zoey goes about in a quiet manner just figuring it out. Sammy pretty much just stays in his bed and watches. He goes and looks often, but does not get too close and does not get too near her. He does not even try to enter "her room". And he has not made a sound. Just watches.

I may be too naive, but I am thinking this is working really well.

Oh yea, I am sure at some point there will be a skirmish, but as long they don't hate each other going in, that is a plus.

If anyone with a cat can tell me:

What do you do with the clumps, or do you use non-clumpimg?

Does the pine litter really keep down the odor. I am frantic not to smell like cat urine.

The foster mom said she only ate canned food. Here she only ate the kibble. WTF.

Isn't she the cutest cat ever? Come on, she is pretty cute.

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  1. Congrats on the new family member! Scoop out the clumps and throw 'em away. With only one cat, you probably don't have to worry about urine odor, esp. if you're scooping often, but the poop stank can be alarming when ... um ... fresh. The best litter I've found for odor control is Fresh Step, although it is awfully dusty. You might want to put an old rug or something in front of the litterbox, so she's not tracking litter all through the house.

    and yes, she IS the cutest cat ever. :)