Monday, February 9, 2015

Being nice is very tiring

I am being so fucking nice I am making myself sick. I have started to think that if I can just make it to 62 then I can coast and get a job as a Walmart greeter if I need outside activities. Of course someone who finds it hard to be nice to asshats may not make the best of a greeter.

I am also making myself learn to record conversations. AHA.

No one has said anything else about the firing and I no longer care.

The boss is taking all the line side containment away tomorrow so this should be a CF. And he is making me handle this shitball. Without instructions so he can criticize everything I do.

On to better thoughts, I ordered a red striped jacket/coat from Stein Mart, first order so let us see how this goes. Looked cute and perky for the transition into spring and it was dirt cheap.

Getting a new haircut on Saturday from a new person. Just gotta go with the flow. Speaking of which I did not do anything special for my cancer ridden hairdresser, I must send out a card on Wednesday. Maybe I should get here a Valentine Card. I was thinking of getting her an orchid from Trader Joe's they are so inexpensive.

Thinking about where we should go for a Saturday lunch after my hair cut. Hmmm.


  1. I got a new cosmetologist starting tomorrow, but she has already been in another shop for awhile and has some clients. Plus my new nail tech is starting to gather more customers so both shops are starting to fill up. I could use at least one more person in each building. On top of that "we" have started a floral shop. By we I mean not me, I have enough to do.

    1. Wish I could fly out on the cheap once a month and get "the works".

  2. I really think you need another job. Something not so fraught with ongoing disasters and conflict.

    1. I am looking, and looking to start my own business actually. I am self employed and now the creds are established from my time in China.

      In the meantime I am planning to make my bosses insane.