Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Awkward Moments from Tova

One of my new favorite blogs is Tova aka "The Secret Life of Tova Darling". She uses an alias. This is totally understood as I use some caution, not enough, and do not put some true stories on the blog no matter how hilarious they are. People could figure it out. And trust me some are rolling on the floor your stomach hurts so bad funny.

Well, I can't put the whole story of my awkward moment on this blog-if anyone read it they would immediately know all the parties involved.

See, there was this guy that was kinda whacko. He worked with me and the irritation level was high. He irritated everyone. And he had a very strange appearance problem. It was about his clothing. Enough said. Everyone commented on it including his superiors. He was oblivious.

Well to understand where this is going you have to understand Plant Loco. It is all about nicknames. And I am the queen of nicknames. The first time I was there one of my hi-lo drivers introduced himself to me as Little Man. No shit, he walked up to me and said, "Hi, I am your hi-lo driver for ### and my name is Little Man." The dude was in his sixties and 4 foot tall. I am not kidding. Musta weighed 60 pounds. So nicknames were everywhere. And naturally we gave one to the whacko.

During one of my many cell phone changes I had to program the numbers in by hand. I used nicknames. Some people I only knew by their nicknames. I even put nicknames on expense reports. So anyway, one day this customer that worked closely with the whacko asks me call whacko on my cell phone for him. I dialed it up and handed him the phone. "Whoa, this is what you call him?" Customer is on the floor laughing and I am praying he doesn't tell others about this little snafu.

Funnies of the day: Further Plant Loco anomalies

Plant Loco is a very diverse plant with a fifty-fifty split racially. I am called down to the line with a defective part problem. I ask the operator where the part is. He tells me the repairman has it. I ask where the repairman is. He tells me there is a black guy halfway down the line. Well, fuck me, somewhere about 8 or 9 hundred feet away is a black guy.

Another time this brain dead sorting company I hired is telling everyone that I have a defective part. In questioning her I am getting zero feedback. Where is the vehicle? The short guy with glasses has it. Everyone wears safety glasses in this plant, and we have always thought that short was a job requirement. We eliminated 1 guy out of 1500. Very short, but he never wore his glasses.

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