Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holding Our Breath

A DHL package is supposed to arrive today with a job offer. We got burned once before on an offer that was withdrawn over an internal power grab. Made me very leery of trusting anything and that it makes it very hard to even idly think about the future. Which means I have to keep my mind occupied by anything except the future. Very stressful to not plan when you know there are big changes coming and you don't know which direction the winds of change are blowing.

So I spend too much time on Internet bullshit to keep from thinking. My main addiction is about the Air France crash. I am not a good flyer to start out with and this crash is not helping. I am reading really detailed technical information from professionals and this is not making me feel better. This is what I have learned so far: weather radar and reports sometimes are not all that great, it is somewhat acceptable to know you may never find black boxes and downed aircraft, and there seems to be a lot of people in denial that there could be "a batch" of defective parts of which 3 could be on the same plane. I can tell you from personal experience if there is more than 1 or 2 defective parts in a production run, the likely hood of multiple defective parts on one vehicle is significant. That is why we have yard holds, stop ship, national recalls, and containment procedures. And the vehicles are not released until this is fixed. Period. But it is OK to fly planes like this.

My new addiction is Farm Town. Mindless and I guess that is what I need now. Really reminds me of the Cookie Lady yard. I still can't get a decent picture but it is a priority.

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