Monday, June 29, 2009

In My Flawed Opinion

Why is everyone but you wrong, bad, and a thief.

At what point did Bernie Madoff's victims think they where so much smarter than everyone else and that the returns they were realizing might not be unusual?

At what point did all the people buying expensive houses with 10% down on an ARM not think this may not work out.

At what point do people ignore the fact that they cannot raise a family when their income is from a job at a fast food joint.

And ta-da, the icing on that cupcake-

My most recent favorite "blog comment" on a shooting of 7 people at what they call a "repast"- the following is in my words-It is not uncommon for killers to show up at the funerals or repast to make sure the person is dead. Now OK, I can understand showing up at a funeral to make sure the dead is still in the coffin a day or two later, but at the meal after the funeral? Which apparently is what a repast is although no one on claims any knowledge of "what the fuck a repast is".

So it must be OK to be lacking in responsibility, financial knowledge, and common sense.

But don't miss the church lady cake at the repast while you are looking for the dead guy.

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