Thursday, June 4, 2009

Being Indisposed is just as bad on Unemployment

You know how when you are really sick you sit around and bitch about the shit that needs to be done and you can't? This is the same shit you of course could have done yesterday, last week, last month. And you think, all right as soon as I am able THIS SHIT WILL GET DONE!!! Same shit different day. But really this time I have to get on the ball.

Peed normal this afternoon, albeit orange today versus blue yesterday. Urologist called and said if it still hurts tomorrow, call. Umm.

Big Daddy's job interview went very well and they promised he would know early next week with feedback if it is not a good fit. Other job offer should be winding up about the same time and 3rd opportunity is on the schedule for probably next week. We have some sun in the sky for right now. Minor opportunities still floating about. I have about another week before I go berserk if I still don't hear about Plant Loco or status change with my job. This new information on lawsuits against Chrysler for secured bond holders and dealers, I feel bad they are losing everything (same as me) but what do they hope to gain in a liquidation sale. There is no one to buy this stuff unless it is a fire sale, and that means even less money for some. And if there is no car company WTF are you going to sell? What people seem to ignore that this all a gamble. Even stuffing your money in mattress is a bet against a fire.

That reminds me of time back in the 80's when I thought a break from automotive would be good and real estate would be better. Yea right, working with people that don't have a clue about money and investing was preferable to working with a game plan at auto manufacturers. I sold this lot for cash and the buyer paid me in cash on a weekend night. What do you do with $50,000.00 in cash? Personally, I put it in the washing machine. Don't ask me why, it seemed like a plan at the time. By the way, my commission was 2,500.00 -not a great take on the problems with this transaction. I had his house listed which he sold to his cousin (yea, right) for no commission, his bathroom floor collapsed during the listing which he fixed himself (this really did give me pause) and I spent quite a bit of time with these people-both examining their 50,000.00 window covering from "somewhere overseas" and looking at the structural defect in the bathroom floor. All the gasoline, wear on my vehicle, advertising his property, signage, etc. came off that 2,500.00. It was then I decided automotive was less stressful.


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