Monday, June 1, 2009

Marvin does not abominate me

NYT crossword puzzle used abominate as the answer of the clue "to Hate". Ha, Marvin took my soch (short for social security number in the UAW world) and he said he would pay me. It has been a long time since Marvin smiled at me. Now we will check to see if the fucker actually kept his word. In a few days. It takes that long to get your money. And what happened to my extra 25 bucks Obama said I would get?

Big Daddy had an epiphany, he thinks our new various back and leg pains come from the fact we no longer wear shoes. Oh sure, the occasional walk when it is not raining, but I am finding it harder and harder to justify getting out of the jammies. Why dirty up more clothes? Why not wear slippers all day. Damn, it just occurred to me the picture in my mind of someone slopping around in slippers all day and it is ugly.

Well, I now have a reason to shower and dress every day. New news in the neighborhood news, the suspected juvie kid of the cookie lady is nowhere to be found and the eldest Clampett kid is mowing her yard. Her front patch garden has been inspected by Big Daddy who grew up on a real farm. She has 5 tomato cages, 3 tomato plants, 1 strawberry plant, 3 corn plants, and 1 pole bean plant. Pollination may not be her forte. Also a rhubarb on the city easement. No goats as yet.

The anticipated GM bankruptcy was on TV all morning. Orion Assembly will be idled for a while, which puts one of us in my department potential for being let go. Can't call Stella cause I don't want to know how bad it is for her. And Fritz standing up there saying how everything will be better was pretty much akin to admitting they sucked for a long time. I remember in the not so distant past the rumor that GM demanded a helicopter in exchange for a contract and meetings were dependant on buying lunch. In the recent past, last year, I watched a guy spend 8 hours painting a cart and telling everyone he couldn't do his real job, which was telling suppliers they were not allowed to sit in the cafeteria. WTF.

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