Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Laughter and Tears

Laughing is in somewhat short supply here, tears are better but still occasional.

Laughter-Big Daddy is taking the cleaned dining room rug to the attic for storage and said if he gets locked in let him out. I am thinking Oh Shit, what if I get locked up there with Big Daddy overseas. When we took possession of Don's house we received a key ring resembling what the head dude for Buckingham Palace might carry. One of the keys locked the door to the attic. Our house is one floor with a partially finished attic and this door is solid wood. Key lock on the outside and push button lock on the inside. WTF. If you crawl into the house from above (see any horror film) (there are 4 windows up there) you just walk down the stair, pop the button and you are in. Then it broke. Couldn't get out of the stairway. I left it that way because I figured the horror film weirdo's would be stymied. Well it is fixed now so I have to go back to the stool in the hall. For the alarm. So I don't set off the motion detector that points at the door.

Tears-Big Daddy (if he gets this job) will have to take a Metro Car to the airport. There is no way I could drive him and make it home in one piece.

News in Detroit is fuzzy, no one can predict the Chrysler outcome, Kwame is in a contest with C Ray to see who can be the biggest dumbass in the national news, and Shelby Township is asking for water rationing in the coolest wettest weather we ever have.

Yes, Kwame, the ex-mayor who can't pay his bills just moved into a 1.1 million dollar mansion in a gated community in Texas. And no, it is not a jail. And he and C Ray can't chat because apparently the Chinese do not allow outside contact. And New Orleans is trying to raise enough money to keep him there.

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