Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learning New Things

Due to circumstances which will not be discussed, there is a lot a compromise in a marriage that lasts for 32 years, certain routines have been in practice for years. I do not know how to do simple chores any longer. How do you get quarters? Apparently you get change when you purchase items. I shopped a little in the past and I do not remember ever getting a quarter. I know this because I put the quarters in the console tray in case I need them for parking meters. The last time I remember getting a quarter was when I went to Canada for business. Last September.

I do not know how to shop for groceries and sundries, I love the word sundries. I do not really shop. Ever. At all. I go on the Internet and find what I need and have Big Daddy "make it so". That is his job in the above described "compromise". Or we go to a store and I pick out what I need and Big Daddy pays for it, gets it home, and unloads the car. This is known as tote and carry.

I don't cook because Big Daddy loves to cook and is seriously better at it than I am. I make Big Daddy's favorite dinner maybe 3 times a year. I hate making coffee.

Well I guess the "compromise" is going out the window with the economy. If we actually have jobs and an income in the near future, I will need to be self sufficient. I will need to go to the grocery store. I think I will need to get those things people have on their key rings that give them special discounts. How do you get those things? And does everyone realize that hanging shit on your key ring can fuck up your ignition switch on your car?


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have been telling people for years you cannot have all that weight hanging from the ignition and NO ONE has ever believed me. Except maybe my kids.

    About the shopping, it will be easy. Getting the plastic discount things is easy, most stores are happy to get your information. Just use a seperate key ring for them!

  2. I keep my house key on a separate ring. Even when I had my SAAB's with the console ignition. God I miss the SAAB. Ford Edge is not a bad ride tho not as good as Big Daddy's Grand Cherokee.