Sunday, June 21, 2009

Comcast abominates me

It is not often I get to use a newly learned word twice in a month. Our new Comcast system decided to fuck with us this week. There were never truer words said than you get what you pay for. Dude finally came yesterday and fixed it. But he said there was no problem found. Then what did you fix? Reminds me of the home security guy that found the wires for the smoke alarms were never connected. He at least apologized. Well since it is fixed and nothing was wrong anyway, and I can't afford better service, lets move on to last week.

Saturday Snippet on Sunday:

Big Daddy needs a birth certificate if he goes overseas. I will need a marriage license if I go, even to visit. Well out marriage license is in little tiny pieces taped together. Now my company accepted this for benefits verification but I don't think everyone else will. And I am sure there was some conversation at the company. No one asked. The truth is MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK. Truly the new puppy ate the license. So we taped it up and said we would get a new one later. Well 36 years later this has come up again.

Neighbor news:

The musicians are up in arms over the bees in their chimney. They are blaming the Clampetts. Now I will be the first to admit the Clampetts are pretty bad neighbors-but bees?

The cookie lady has dug up yet another patch of lawn in the front center corner and planted another corn patch. She has completely covered this with chicken wire. I doubt any one else in the neighborhood has ever seen chicken wire before this weekend. I would love to post a picture of this, I just don't know if that is proper. And I cannot believe this is acceptable as you must have a permit and signed off paperwork for fencing. I am not gonna bitch, I'm just gonna watch. Between the bee-hunters and the migrant workers this should be a great summer. Isn't corn supposed to be knee high by the 4th of July?

Bitch of the week:

It seems Continental Airlines lost 2 unaccompanied minors this week per the news. Now my question is this: you pay for unaccompanied minors, you pay for checked bags, you pay for TSA, you must put your lip gloss in an approved plastic bag-the plane cannot take off unless the passenger that matches the checked bag and the ticket and plastic baggy are on board the aircraft. How the fuck did this happen? Since the Flight Attendants never objected to the term-where the hell were the slutty FA's and just what were they doing? Fixing their make-up with confiscated lip gloss I'll bet.

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