Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flight Attendants

You know all this flap going on about David Letterman and Sarah Palin has me wondering. There is huge discussion on Dave, on Sarah, on everything except the fact that Dave is calling flight attendants SLUTTY.

Now I have seen my share of FA's and slutty has never come to mind. Snotty, wicked, nasty, rude, loony, whiny, and yes the one in a million decent human being. But never slutty.

Slutty infers many things to many people but none of the above.

And makeup does not define a slut. Smeared, gooey, runny and streaked makeup is slutty, but so is filthy ripped clothing and ratty hair. Most FA's makeup is either flawless (and they will do nothing to disturb their lipstick) or non-existent. Ever see an FA at 6AM-you won't be looking at a Vogue model.

There are only 2 FA's I can still picture in my mind and another that I will never forget for his lazy ass retort. The ladies I remember for quite different reasons. The middle aged blond of the perfect makeup and hair sprayed enough to be a fire risk-I saw her on many a DTW departure-telling a short Asian lady that did not speak or understand english how she could not help her with her bag. She said she couldn't help her (in first class) in case she might hurt her back. OK, so heavy lifting is not your job. However, it is your job to get the passengers seated and ready for take-off and arguing with a lady that does not understand english in the front of the plane is stupid. Period. It is stupid. Then there was the MSY flight. When we were boarding we were told by the announcer, the ticket taker, and then the FA that this would be a very bumpy flight and there would be no cabin service. The FA was quite nasty and adamant (mentioned this multiple times). Okay, (first class again) the pilot comes on the speaker and says "bumpy". Now when a pilot tells you bumpy- for me it is scary time. So we fly to Memphis with this harridan glaring at me for an hour without one fucking bump. And not a stitch of makeup or hairdo on that bitch's head.

So why is there no cry of outrage by or for SLUTTY flight attendants? They object to surly but like slutty? WTF.

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