Friday, June 5, 2009

It's all about Big Daddy

Potential job offer next week, maybe job offer next week, interview next week, good possible meeting next week and a new possible interview came in today. This is not too shabby (from Miss Verita) in this economy. Things seem to maybe be coming a little bit alive again in automotive. Not really moving forward, maybe just waking up and stretching a bit. Big Daddy is workin' it.

Roger Penske is supposed to be taking over Saturn for sure. I hope so. I remember when I called on Detroit Diesel when he was in charge. He allowed no sloppy behavior and was fierce in making his company the best. He took a GM plant and made it great. I remember alot of people saying he micro-managed. I hear that quite a bit about people that demand excellence and it usually comes from people who are fuck-ups. When you do your job-you do not need to be micro-managed. I sometimes go for weeks without talking to my boss. But when shit is gonna hit the fan I make sure he knows first. And that he knows the whole story.

I think I need to take a news break. The only funny news on the Internet is still New Orleans. Those people are just not right. The Air France news is just too disturbing because no one knows anything and planes just keep flying as if there are no problems with a jet disappearing. And finding junk in the ocean is not a problem. WTF. Why is all this shit floating around? I am supposed to drive a cheap piece of shit to save the same environment some shit mariners throw their trash into? Crazy. And then I should get on a plane that may or may not ever be seen again. And no one will know why.

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