Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday

In the UAW world Good Friday and Easter Monday are paid holidays. Ford gave up Easter Monday in the latest contract by GM and Chrysler still have it, so I have 4 days off. And buddy I really needed it. Last week was really hard. I was exhausted.

I almost feel like "Defects are Us". I have never seen anything like this in a long time. Actually never anything this bad. It is like every brain cell in our plant went on vacation early. This is some dumb stuff I am seeing. And Explaining. And no one cares for the explanations. This is true silo thinking. Their dumbass people are the only dumbass people in the world, our dumbass people are worse than anyone in the history of the world and should be shot. And why did we hire the spawn of the devil in the first place. Their dumbass people are simply misunderstood, my dumbass people are evil and intentionally out to make Plant Loco depository for all things wrong in the world. I thought the one guy was going to cry when he described his vision of a perfect world without me in it. I can't wait til he meets the Koreans.

I remember when we shipped from Europe to a Plant Loco competitor. 4 weeks on the water, put on rail in Montreal and then trucked from Dearborn. Oh yea, and 2 weeks to convince the Europeans that they had a problem. Air France flight 74 was the expedite, with 2 days in customs at Metro. The good old days. Back then the customer tried to make me cry. I remember one day I was getting yelled at and in the back of my mind Cher kept singing gypsies, tramps, and thieves. Customer opinion of my European compatriots. And this is when we all made money.

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