Monday, April 27, 2009

Punkin Head Request

Punkin Head wants more funnies. This is hard, funny doesn't come easy these days.

Went to the Doctor, I am now a mystery patient. They do not know what is wrong. However all the tests came back good. More doctors Wednesday, x-rays, appointments to make and another follow-up next week.

Funny today, well let us see-Nurse taking you in asks how you are in the pleasant conversational way. What do you think, I am at the Doctor's Office. Doctor asks if you have stress, I live in Michigan and work in automotive. WTF.

GrrDog has a new lease on life, hot weather and the pup is excited. He loves it outside. Chased a squirrel. Well not really, he woofed (which he never does) and appeared to consider if the squirrel was worth his time. Considering he is about 12 and should be quite wise he told the squirrel "dream on, I have some grass to roll in so I can get stinky."

Big Daddy has appointed himself watchdog of the neighborhood. The children-or as I call them-the spawn of many devils, have decided their mission is to destroy the neighborhood. I am believe their parents are making meth in basements as I have not seen them in weeks. The little darlings destroyed thousands of dollars in landscaping across the street and have now narrowed in on the vacant house next store. This house is sold and the newbies are their often but have not moved in.

They have tramped my daffodils, used the newbies shrubbery as forts and taken down a slate wall across the street. And no one says a word. Including the Wayne County Sheriff who lives 2 doors down. To my knowledge he never complained about the pot-heads that lived next to him either.

Maybe that is tomorrows blog, strange neighbors.

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