Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is wrong with the airlines or why is Delta competing with Chrysler?

OK, I felt really depressed today and thought that maybe trying to plan a get a way to New Orleans would perk me up. HA.

It now takes at least triple the cost and "next day" ticketing to even land in The Big Easy unless you are wealthy and spendthrift. WTF is next day ticketing? You leave Detroit and it takes until the next day to get to New Orleans. And you get the added benefit of seeing all sorts of nasty airports on your way to your destination.

Have the airlines gone mad?

Amtrak is cheaper and gets you there the next day, without seeing nasty airports and they have food and beverages, along with sleeping cars and no COKE POURING WHORES that want to castigate you because they can.

That is the problem with giving the less educated authority, COKE POURING WHORES and union reps, they think they are now the sheriff of Sherwood Forest, by goodness you will bow and kiss my filthy foot and also my very fat ass as I am a union rep. Yea right.

So, Delta Airlines has decided I will not be flying being out of Detroit in the near future, okey-dokey, the union wants to shut down Detroit, okey-dokey, and Timmy still can't get Wall Street to work with him. And Debbie, our Michigan senator still can't get her husband to get a real job.

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