Thursday, April 2, 2009

Henry Ford was wrong?

According to Nancy (you remember the Demi Moore wannabe) Pelosi, Mr. Ford had it all wrong. Black is bad. As in car color. You know, the color of the limos she rides in on her way to the Air Force jets she flies to and from California. You know, the ones with the dark tinted glass.

Well, while she was jetting across of the USofA in the government provided G5 she deduced that the lowly people driving about on what used to be called roads and streets were being wasteful. They were using AC in their cars, and the black cars were the worst. Cuz they heated up more, or maybe faster, or whatever. So Nance is pissed and wants no more black cars. Maybe she should talk to the dude in charge of the Auto Industry that is learning it. Like they could not find a dude that knew automotive. Ever heard of Roger Penske, Lee Iacocca, Bob Lutz or maybe just the car guys on the radio.

And Nance (just so you all know, I am not spelling her name wrong, I am calling her NANCE with no accent on the E) just sell your pearls and you can pay for your staffs bonuses without charging the taxpayers-why do your people get bonuses and people like me don't. Bitch. I make well under a $100,000.00 and no one would take my job on a bet.

Okay, funny of the day. The slovenly hut they make the smokers congregate in is built on a concave section of asphalt which regularly floods. This area flooded prior to the hut. It is really nasty. But if it is cold and raining your choice is nasty hut or roll the dice for time off by smoking inside. Some person within the last few months moved a small table in there. OK. Next there was a thick plastic cover over the doorway which kept the smoke in. Next there was a fake plant on the table. Actually quite a nice fake plant for a nasty plant. The next addition is quite upsetting . . .

Bambi, Bambi was setting on the table. Now remember, this table (filthy) is outdoors in a filthy, nasty, bus type station, with litter all about. So here we got Bambi next to the fake plant. AND some ASSHOLE MF set Bambi on fire. Why, why, why? Why would you hurt fake Bambi? Why would you set fire to a little bit of fake and tawdry shit in your smoking shithole? What is wrong with you?

We found Bambi outside the shithole, very smoke damaged, and we are looking for donations for bandages. I have a picture, I am waiting for Big Daddy to black out my face-I do not want to have to testify-of how sad Bambi is.

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