Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chrysler filing for Chapter 11

Obama just got off the news, Chrysler going into bankruptcy court and don't worry be happy. Oh, and buy American. Oh, and finance thru GeeMack. Who the fuck is GeeMack? Did he possibly mean G.M.A.C. known here in town as General Motors Acceptance Corporation, or is there a new player in town. Or did his vaunted auto team not tell him GMAC is an acronym that everyone in automotive knows. This is embarrassing. And where the fuck is Chrysler Financial -I thought owned by the three headed dog? Maybe I am mistaken.

What is buy American as said by the president? Don't buy a Prius as Toyota never built one here as they claimed they were going to do, but buy a Camry and fuck Chrysler? Buy a Ford F150 not a Highlander? What is American when Mexico shut down there parts factories today as the pig flu is getting out of hand? And just who is going to fix your car on the Obama warranty plan when the dealerships are shutting down? Is Michelle going to replace your O2 sensor?

Go GeeMack


  1. my father was a car salesman and General Manager of car dealerships in the Detroit are for over 45 years and he always used the expression "gee-mack".

    regarding your neighbors, we call the man across the street from us "The Lawn Ranger".

    love your blog.