Thursday, April 30, 2009

one of those days from Hell

Spent most of yesterday at various medical facilities. Two hours at the urologist, 20 minutes of actual speaking to people. One hour looking for X-ray place with no time left for X-ray. Hour and a half at dermatologist, 15 minutes speaking to people, 10 of that discussing books with the doctor. That is why it takes so long, he loves to talk. I thought I had booked with the daughter but I got chatty dad. Now I only have 5 more appointments and the X-ray. And so far nothing is wrong with me. And everyone wants to know if I have self-medicated. Why would I do that if I don't know what is wrong and you say everything is fine? WTF

Woke up to the WSJ saying we now have Gettlefinger Motors and the Feds are running GM. Wonder what kind of cars they will build. Europe has great cars that can't be sold here due to the Feds regulations, so once again we will re-invent the wheel. That is actually what the auto industry does best. Every meeting I go to is to change everything for no money with no data to show this is a good idea. It is simply the new guys idea. And trust me, every new guy has an idea including using a tape measure instead of a scale.

It is too cold, wet and windy here to garden yet-but the grass and weeds are huge from the short hot weather spell and sun...that is except for the plastic flower lady. Her plastic flowers stay the same year after year. This is what happened. Her yard did not look bad. She is not quite right and spends a lot time working in her yard. Well she works at a local market that was selling these rolls of flowers. Roll them out and water and you get a garden. Well she did. It did not work out very well. Maybe they were poor quality or she picked the wrong "roll" for the area, but it was pretty bad. But it was her garden.

Well, as usual, some well meaning neighbor told her what a misbegotten mess she had made and how it was making everyone look bad. Now, since I had the crappy yard with no complaints except from Grandma and this lady is truly not able to have a normal conversation much less take criticism, she did the only thing she could envision. She got rid of every green and growing item on her property except the grass. She cut down the trees. She kept half the grass. Everything else is bright white stone. Vast areas of stone. Upon the stone she strategically places plastic urns and angels. Into the urns she places plastic flowers. She liked the look so well, she put urns and hanging pots in front; the porch, the garage, window boxes. All with perky and colorful plastic flowers. Which she polishes on a regular basis so everything is nice and shiny. She is actually famous within the local gardening community when they judge houses for the beautification awards. I just hope the old grump who hated her green and growing garden loves the new look. Kinda reminds you of a little cemetery. Be careful what you wish for.

Tomorrow the cookie lady's garden, which is currently including a mud hole or two.

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