Friday, April 3, 2009

Plant Loco Bambi update

As you can see, the degrading treatment of Bambi continues. The peeps have now inserted a cigarette in poor Bambi and this is just too sad.

Getting my toes done tomorrow and I need to relax because my new, old, and now returning engineer wants to go over last years issues to verify continuous improvement on a dying program when the three headed dog has no money for improvements. And the reason they are in need of improvement is because every change to lower cost was a cluster fuck and caused all the crap we are now dealing with. WTF.

The Martini girl thinks Bambi should at least have an ecigarette. Also in developing news, Bambi is a rescue fawn. Rescued after Christmas by a kind hi-lo driver. We believe this fawn is the spawn of Rudolph.


  1. We can give Bambi a good home in our woods - it's a wildlife safety zone, so he (Bambi is a boy, right?) shouldn't get shot at.

  2. 1. Bambi being quite charred andis not able to display his/her gender items. 2. Bambi has never seen woods as he/she comes from Detroit. 3. Bambi isn't scared of bullets as Detroit is home, however if you could promise no smoking and no idiots, Bambi will pack and be on the next Amtrack.